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Real Estate Property Development and Investment Consultancy

Imadal Co. provides real estate property development and investment consulting services on a project basis. Mrs. Tufekci will provide creative and thoroughly researched UK property investment opportunities to investors and partners all over the world. She will attract real estate investment companies and will provide the marketing and real estate development and consulting services in the UK; and will assist UK companies to make the right connections and investment about the Turkish real estate markets. Additionally, she will provide a complete service to overseas property investors in the UK.
Mrs. Tufekci will also provide market research to real estate companies, businesses and individual investors who are seeking to make an investment in the property market or buy commercial or residential property for living purposes.
Mrs. Tufekci will provide her customers with online photos and virtual tour services. She will not only accompany her customers on viewing the property, but she will also explain the advantages and drawbacks of the property. She will help her customers find the ideal property following their needs and budgets.


Mrs. Tufekci’s real estate property development and investment consulting services will be described in the following types of services, such as detailed insight into her services and detailed steps. Each project may include any of these types of services, and fees will reflect the hours spent on each project

Property Management

  • Monthly rent collection
  • Administering and collecting insurances
  • Contractor appointment and supervision
  • Original invoices sent to landlords after contractors have been paid
  • Inventories
  • Lease renewal management and supervision

Asset Management

  • Adding value through a strategic review of existing holdings
  • Advice on exit strategies, disposals and/or acquisitions to suit the customers’ specific needs
  • Provide a comprehensive SWOT analysis of current holdings and/or future acquisitions Investment
  • Comprehensive and tailored marketing for investment disposals
  • Providing buyers with feasibility studies
  • Communicating with landlords and tenants on property-related issues
  • Provide detailed cash flow
  • Direct involvement in the detailed due diligence process from conception to completion
  • After-sales –she will remain involved in the investment throughout the lifespan of the holding.


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